British Airways

BRITISH AIRWAYS Tasting Table   WIRED formed a collaborative partnership between British Airways and Tasting Table.     Media Mix   Live: WIRED aligned British Airways with our resident foodie and molecular gastronomist Insider, the Gastronaut, to host a soirée for British Airways frequent fliers. Brought to life at Tasting Table’s intimate SoHo dining space, the event featured Height Cuisine-insp
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Marriot Culturazzi Series

Marriott Culturazzi Series   WIRED partnered with Marriott to deliver a 360-degree program designed to establish Marriott as a brand that appeals to MasterBlenders that succeeded in attracting a new and younger audience to Marriotts across the country.   Media Mix   Print / Digital / Tablet: Marriott leveraged WIRED’s in-house design team—WIRED Works—to develop a younger, more modern look and feel to t
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Aloft Style at a Steal

ALOFT Style at a Steal   Utilizing the voices of IT Girl and Digital Gentleman, WIRED curated a list of tech gadgets, all priced at $100 or less, debunking the myth that low cost can’t be high-style. Products were showcased across all of WIRED’s media vehicles, as well as at select Aloft locations throughout the U.S.     Media Mix   PRINT: A custom in-book insert was produced to run in the Novembe
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American Airlines

AMERICAN AIRLINES Custom Activation at the WIRED Business Conference To highlight the wine selection available in American Airlines’ BusinessFirst in-flight cabin, WIRED positioned the brand at our Business Conference attended by 425+ executives.   MEDIA MIX   Live: At the networking reception, American Airlines owned an exclusive wine bar. The brand Wine Consultant, Ken Chase, enlightened guests with detai
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CONTINENTAL  Mile High Innovation    On behalf of Continental, WIRED enlisted a tech-expert to visit key technology conferences to discover the latest innovations that are poised to influence the business travel experience.     Media Mix   Print: A four-page gatefold highlighted Continental’s commitment to delivering exceptional service to business travelers. The insert focused on Continental’s in
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Delta Air Lines

DELTA AIR LINES Custom Activation at the Wired Store   To promote the many destinations of Delta Air Lines, WIRED created a passion-driven touch screen activation at the WIRED Store.     Media Mix   Live: Within a highly-trafficked area of the WIRED Store, guests were invited to answer a series of questions on their passions via a Delta-branded touchscreen. At the conclusion of the questionnaire,
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Aloft RV{IP} at SXSWi

ALOFT RV{IP} at SXSWi   WIRED aligned Aloft with RV{IP}—a roving karaoke lounge—during SXSWi in an effort to drive awareness of the Aloft brand and generate hotel bookings at key tech-focused events.     Media Mix   LIVE: 500 festival-goers and Aloft guest had the opportunity to ride the Aloft-wrapped RV{IP} from event to event during SXSWi. Guests enjoyed a true “VIP” experience, complete with gi
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