Netflix: TV Got Better

NETFLIX TV Got Better   WIRED was challenged to tell an evolution of television story through an immersive branded content web experience and place Netflix as the leader in television innovation.     Media Mix   Digital: WIRED developed and designed a first-ever interactive (HTML 5) sponsored content story on WIRED.com. Written by author and anthropologist, Grant McCracken, this story brought to l
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Vikings @ Comic-Con

VIKINGS Custom Activation at the WIRED Café @ Comic-Con   Vikings received the largest activation in the history of the WIRED Café through the construction of an authentic 20-foot-long Viking ship that lived on the rooftop of the Omni Hotel.     Media Mix   Live: The life-size Viking ship was equipped with henna artists inking guests with tattoos ripped from the Viking’s set while hairstylists chu
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GAMEFLY.COM Custom Activation at the WIRED Store   WIRED brought the GAMEFLY.COM experience to the masses via an interactive display at the WIRED Store.     Media Mix   Live: A highly-trafficked display that featured two interactive screens on the GAME ON wall was developed highlighting the site’s capabilities and providing insight into the breadth of experiences available on GAMEFLY.COM. Addition
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True Blood Custom Activation

TRUE BLOOD Custom Activation at the WIRED Café @ Comic-Con   To bring the True Blood experience to the WIRED Café, WIRED created a detailed replica of the show’s famed Merlotte’s Bar & Grill.     Media Mix   Live: The replica of Merlotte’s Bar & Grill was placed in a prime location within the WIRED Café and showcased custom menus, coasters, and a selection of True Blood inspired cocktails.
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Homeland Bringing Print to Life

HOMELAND Bringing Print to Life   WIRED brought Showtime’s print execution to life in the mobile space by marrying Zappar’s augmented reality technology with the Showtime app.     Media Mix   Tablet: WIRED’s development team created a news-making game off the cover of WIRED that engaged users for the premiere episode of Homeland. When readers figured out a series of puzzles, Homeland payoffs were
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Game of Thrones

GAME OF THRONES Custom Activation at the WIRED Café @ Comic-Con   As a sponsor of the WIRED Café @ Comic-Con, Game of Thrones received extensive promotional, branding and experiential exposure including a dedicated War Camp Bar at the WIRED Café each day and a one-of-a-kind VIP event bringing Game of Thrones to life for cast and special guests of HBO.     Media Mix   Live: Game of Thrones received
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