Intel Inside Innovation

Intel Inside Innovation   WIRED highlighted Intel’s commitment to innovation and communicated how Intel makes life better.     Media Mix   Video: WIRED partnered with Intel to create a five part video series that organically showcased an inside look at the innovators who are changing the landscapes of art, design, engineering, and gaming—andhow they’re using Intel products to bring their ideas to
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Adobe 1.1.1

ADOBE 1.1.1   In remaking WIRED’s first issue on the tablet for the 20th Anniversary, WIRED created an organic experience that showcased how Adobe software is used by WIRED’s editorial team to tell stories, enhance the consumer experience, and push the limits of what’s possible.     Media Mix   Tablet: WIRED’s editorial team re-imagined our very fi rst issue on the tablet adding today’s technical
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Microsoft WIRED Store Custom Activation

MICROSOFT Custom Activation at the WIRED Store   As a sponsor of the WIRED Store, Microsoft received extensive branding and experiential exposure including an interactive art installation using Xbox Kinect technology.     Media Mix   Live: A custom interactive display that featured Xbox Kinect technology was developed, in which a virtual puppet was created that mimicked the participant’s movements
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